Friday, August 12, 2016

Republican Party leadership is dishonest

The media are really jazzed that Mark Foley was at a Trump campaign rally. Yes, a gay Republican they drove out of office for phone calls with teen boys. Like when have they ever cared before--they want to name a ship after Harvey Milk who had a 16 year old sex partner. They think this is equivalency for the Muslim father of the gay night club shooter being at a Hillary speech.

The Republican "leadership" is acting badly. After making all candidates in their primaries pledge support for the winner they are saying NO, NO, we didn't mean Trump. He's not a politician and he says ridiculous things. So they'll support Hillary who actually DOES ridiculous things, illegal things, sneaky and awful things. Hillary who says it's OK to abort a baby on it's due date. Ayesha Kreutz says,

"Look I might not be a Trump fan but he won the Republican nomination fair and square, which is more than I can say for Hillary, those of you who are talking about the RNC pulling funding and support from him are wrong. We have a primary process and he won. The RNC has an obligation to support him now. If you/I didn't want him we should have found a way to win. Period. It is petty to keep pushing the RNC to ditch him. It is not American, don't like the process get involved and get it changed, like so many of us have done and keep trying to do, with little to no help although the voices of whining are many. I get Trump is a progressive Republican or blue dog Democrat and having him as the nominee sucks, I get it but HE WON it. So the issue is not him but us. As well let me say about Trumps situation now, if he wants votes the onus is on him to win the votes. No one owes him their vote, he has to earn it or win it. We are in the general and you have choices, vote for Trump, Killary, the Libertarian, or just vote down ticket and leave President blank but please stop with all the Trump withdraw stuff, it is weird and sad.

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