Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oh, the broadcast spin

At home I don't watch a lot of news on TV, but here at Lakeside where we don't have cable, I see more broadcast TV than at home.  Trying to get the national news about weather and various international events is difficult with the pro-Hillary spin. To my knowledge, ABC hasn't had a report of that huge smoochy huggy Biden and Hillary event.  I saw a photo on the internet and it really looked like he was from TSA trying to check her bra.  She looked helpless.

Watching/listening to ABC (All 'bout Clinton) news this morning. They mention Hillary's scandals after leading with Trump non-scandals, then back to Trump for the non-story of a change in his campaign leadership, but never go back to Hillary's e-mails and scandals. The ABC reporter is outraged (why do they shout like we're in a stadium and they don't have a mic) that Trump talked about the Democrat Party's failures among blacks in a town that is 95% white. Where do they suggest he do this, Milwaukee which has had either Democrat or Socialist control for over 100 years and blacks are burning down their neighborhood?

I wonder how many Americans get their news from broadcast media and don't understand the spin.

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