Sunday, August 28, 2016

Heroin trafficking by Mexican drug dealers

Heroin Trafficking in the United States, Congressional Research Service, Aug. 23, 2016. "While there are at least eight major Mexican drug trafficking organizations operating in the United States, the Sinaloa Cartel is the most active. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) notes that Mexican criminal networks “transport the bulk of their goods over the Southwest Border through ports of entry (POEs) using passenger
vehicles or tractor trailers.” In passenger vehicles, the drugs may be held in secret compartments; while in tractor trailers, the drugs are often comingled with other legitimate goods." 

How is this different than what Donald Trump has claimed about our border and about Mexican criminals infiltrating legitimate businesses and been criticized as a racist for reporting the problem?  Yet it is the research of the U.S. Congress division. What is the plan of the "regular" GOP to stop this? Chat across the aisle a few more years with Democrats while Hillary is President?

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