Thursday, August 11, 2016

Do you remember the film about the Bush assassination?

No? Well, it was in 2006, I think. It won a prize. The Left can make a film about shooting an American Republican President in 2007 and win a prize, but it also invents threats against unqualified presidential candidates. The outrage and spin about Trump "threatening" an assassination of Hillary isn't real--it's an opportunity to smear Trump. Hillary mentioned in 2008 when Obama was the obvious choice that the campaign wasn't over--after all, look what had happened to Bobby Kennedy to change that campaign.

"Death of a President" chronicles the sniper shooting of Bush on October 19, 2007, during a trip to Chicago and the ensuing investigation.

The film blends archival footage of Bush interspersed with fierce anti-war protests and other fictional scenes crafted by the filmmakers.

Actors posing as administration officials and Secret Service agents were digitally grafted into some images of the president and his entourage.

The filmmakers said they chose to use Bush rather than substitute a fictitious president to heighten the authenticity.

"I'm thrilled that the film is going to be shown in cinemas in the US in the near future," Mr Range said. "That's proof that people can see beyond the premise and see that it's a film about this post-9/11 world that we live in."

However, the £2million movie sparked controversy in America and the British film-makers had to be guarded by private security men at the film festival after threats were made on their lives.

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