Wednesday, August 03, 2016

On Obama's $400 million bounty for Iran

I was listening to ABC this morning--because it's antenna TV at our lake home, that's the "choice." After 3 seconds on Obama's payoff bounty ($400,000,000 cash) to Iran, it was on to a monologue about Trump saying something stupid.

"Democrats proudly own the channels and their journalists openly toast Hillary. If anyone imagines a Republican -- any Republican -- can possibly withstand the 24-7 anti- Republican blizzard both from the media and a sitting president, Hollywood types, and teachers & professors, he/she is tragically naive. Despite the facts of Obamacare imploding, Obama's bombing in Libya & Afghanistan, the invasion of our borders, the poor and minorities getting poorer, 1% GDP -- leftist media now and forevermore will cut the Republican nominee to ribbons with nonstop negative rants." (Sylvia Lustig Bennion)

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