Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump has no blood on his hands; Hillary does

Trump is trying to rally and warn pro-2nd amendment Americans about Hillary's Supreme Court choices changing the face of America, and Democrats are calling it an assassination threat. Didn't they scream that about Palin using the word crosshairs in a campaign blaming her for Gabby Gifford's shooting? Democrats actually do kill thousands and thousands of helpless Americans every year, who can't fight back or even speak out, the unborn, so they are very quick to blame others to deflect their bad behavior and abortion for any reason, even sex, platform.

Now Hillary can deflect attention from her behavior which caused the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and focus on imaginary fiction building on Trump's calling for gun owners to vote.

While Democrats cry out about Trump's words, Republicans are doing a body count, adding up the suspicious non-combat deaths of journalists and DNC staffers in Hillary's wake during this campaign. Broadcast media will never report these "suicides" and "murders." I wouldn't even expect to see it in a poorly made PAC ad, although if it were reversed, Democrats would have the jail cell ready for Trump.

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