Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tim Kaine needs to review history

The "I'm Catholic but" candidate for the vice presidency seems to think white Americans need to repent for the years of slavery.  Let's look at that.

 Slavery was an economic fact of life for centuries all over the world. Europeans were highly prized slaves in northern Africa. The Englishman who wrote "Amazing Grace" spent years as a slave. Slavery was imported to the colonies by the Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch, who bought them from Arabs who bought them from tribal chiefs within the African interior.  How far back does Kaine wish to go?  The U.S.A. went to war to stop it. You can say all you want about states' rights and other economic reasons, but it was slavery; says so in the cessation documents that created the Confederacy.

Slavery exists today in larger numbers than in the 18th century. There are African children working in mines so you can talk on your cell phone and set up illegal servers in homes of politicians. There are Asian children, boys and girls, trafficked on the streets by their pimps in tourist areas. Also, millions of Americans are descended from immigrants who came after slavery ended, and millions of others are descended from blacks who owned slaves at a higher rate than whites, particularly in the south.

If we need to repent, Democrats can say a few words about their terrorist arm the KKK and how Democrat Congressmen even in my life time were members of the KKK. Democrats can repent of how they institutionalized Jim Crow laws to hold blacks down after the Civil War, and how they now use abortion and welfare to achieve the same goals. Yes, Democrats could repent of legalizing abortion and including it in their political platform for the last 2 decades, killing a disproportionate number of black babies.

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