Wednesday, August 03, 2016

They are all progressives and authoritarians

"If you value classical liberalism/conservatism, you have to be very uncomfortable with the choices you are faced with this year - there are no good ones. Here are my personal rankings in order of unacceptability:

1. None of the below/not voting: guarantees you have to live with some other idiot's choice - and idiots do vote...early and often.

 2. Jill Stein: full-on red diaper doper baby, Bernie Sanders with a vagina and a bad attitude (but a much better haircut).

 3. Hillary Clinton: crony socialist corruptocratic criminal machine politician - should be rocking a jail cell instead of a five star hotel room right now.

 4. Gary Johnson: Liberalitarian statist pothead - possibly high right now, dude.

 5. Donald Trump: crony capitalist influence peddler - has Tourettes and possible brain damage from his Studio 54 days

Folks, they are all progressives and authoritarians of some degree. There is not a single "smaller government" candidate among them. I know many will say "Trump will eliminate many departments!" but if you listen to his proposals and what he claims to want to do, there will be a need for just as many, if not more, government agencies to administer his "policies."

Mike Pence is Trump's conservative "beard" (the Urban Dictionary defines a "beard" as "Any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexual person the appearance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex"). Many have bought it but this Trump guy is just as progressive as Bill Clinton.

What a shame it is that the most acceptable candidate for classical liberals/conservatives must be chosen because he is the least unacceptable - but to do otherwise will make for a much bigger disaster for America."  Michael Smith

Yes, Mike, what a shame.

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