Thursday, August 25, 2016

The transgender scam

"In 2002, 61 percent of Fortune 500 companies included sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination policies, and just 3 percent included gender identity within those policies. By 2014 those number had risen to 91 percent and 61 percent, respectively." (International Business Times, Dec. 9, 2014.)
So 61% of Fortune 500 companies have bought into the myth that sex is not biological but a decision, fantasy, identity or dream, something we put on or take off. What a sorry mess this agenda has brought down on us, encouraged by our federal government, academic institutions and some churches. And it is women who will be hurt the most as men who have stalled in the career track become transwomen, a woman by choice/decision, or men begin to compete in sports against women previously protected by Title VII and Title IX, specifically written with the word "sex" and reinterpreted by faceless bureaucracy. To be transman or transwoman does not require shots, surgery or counseling, as we've seen from recent bathroom edicts, but only "identifying." But even with genital, chest and facial surgery, even with mascara and designer dresses, he's still a guy in every cell and body part..
So that would make "conversion" therapy OK because homosexuality is a decision or mental disorder and can be reversed?


Anonymous said...

I mean, time has shown us that conversion therapy has to lead more suicides than happy healthy lives. I would take that into account on this thought process.

Norma said...

We don't always know why people choose suicide, but my point is, if sexuality is a choice why is conversion therapy wrong if they really want to be straight and need help? It's certainly less drastic and less disfiguring than what they do to males to become females.