Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton is definitely outside the mainstream

Why don't the media ever say "Hillary is outside the mainstream?" The only time I knew such a crook was when we were visiting prisoners at the old Ohio Penitentiary in the 1970s.

 I remember a charming, handsome young man in his mid-20s--Jack, I think--who told me he was there on his first offense. Before I could shake my head at the cruelty of the system (because O.P. was indeed an awful place with a reputation of terror and abuse), he chuckled and assured me it was just his first conviction. He had been leading a financially successful life of crime since before his teen years, and when business was bad, he pimped for his wife. She didn't visit, so he was always happy to see the "church ladies." Really, he did far less than Hillary, who's been pimping the U.S. citizen for years.

The story about the Clinton Foundation, Russia and a uranium mine came out in 2015. Don't know why no one jumped on this (actually I do--it's called mainstream media) at that time. The Clinton Foundation is money laundering for foreign interests.

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