Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Obama and Clinton bad mouth the one percenters but take their pay to play

"At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released SO FAR to The Associated Press. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.
Donors who were granted time with Clinton included an internationally known economist who asked for her help as the Bangladesh government pressured him to resign from a nonprofit bank he ran; a Wall Street executive who sought Clinton's help with a visa problem and Estee Lauder executives who were listed as meeting with Clinton while her department worked with the firm's corporate charity to counter gender-based violence in South Africa. . . .Clinton met with representatives of at least 16 foreign governments that donated as much as $170 million to the Clinton charity." . 
Who will have the time to vet before the election the 6,000 donors who have already provided the Clinton charity with more than $2 billion?  Certainly not our "free press."
Is this the best of the Democrat party?  First they cheat all the American people, then their own party.

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