Thursday, December 08, 2005

1866 Checking out what Technorati says about me

Recently I added the Technorati search window over at the left. I wasn’t really sure what it would do, but I’ve found it more useful than the blogger search. Wondering what I’d written about economic issues, I tried several topics, poverty (4), income (13), quintile (3), social security (13), economy OR economic (20), finance OR financial (20). Some of these are false hits because if the word appears in the title, it turns up in the “recent posts” feature and fogs up the search a bit. I was pleased to find out I could use a Boolean operator if I capitalized it--I didn’t see any instructions but I know it is recognized that way in some databases. I’m not sure how many operators you can string together. I tried two.

It was interesting to go back and reread some of the entries. For instance, our high tariffs and quotas were in the news shortly after the tsunami--then seemed to disappear.

The USA and Europe, in order to protect their own workers, have punishingly high tariffs and quotas for some of these countries affected by the tsunami. After we clean up the ravages of the earthquake driven storm, we'll need to look at what our own policies are doing. I'm sure the message won't be lost on Muslim terrorists. Jan. 11, 2005

And this item about why Democrats were fighting private investment accounts to save Social Security:

It is possible that if George W. Bush is successful in creating a larger investor class, a group that goes across all the demographics of female, Hispanic, Black, middle-class, etc., the Democrats will lose their base. The investor class is self-identified as 46% of the total vote in 2004, and their world view tends to be conservative, middle-class, modest, and saving for the kids' college. And if they are Democrats, many of them voted for Bush. March 15, 2005

And remember last week when that op-ed appeared in the WSJ about how the media just couldn’t print any good news? I commented on that last January:

At the bottom of the page were tiny charts--eating out, up; federal debt, up; employment, up; satisfaction, up; foreclosures, down; delinquent loans, down.It sure is hard to report on bad news these days. Need to call in John Kerry and Ted Kennedy who managed to put a negative spin on the first free Iraqi election in history for help in composing those make-believe economy stories. John ("let's not over-hype this") Kerry's stock could have soared if he'd just complimented the Iraqis. But he was his usual pompous, my-way-or-the-highway, doomsayer self. January 31, 2005

Technorati reports my rank is 1,828 with 4612 links from 467 sites. It records 22.6 million blogs.

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