Sunday, December 11, 2005

1878 Pushed ahead in the queue

I added a new magazine to my hobbylog today, In the Beginning. I should have made it wait its turn--I have about 20 under my office couch patiently waiting to be added. But I'm sort of fond of Meredith Publishing, although not its best know product, Better Homes and Gardens, so I took Real Life Decorating to coffee the other day, and so it jumped ahead in the queue. I'm also trying to help Chuck set up a blog, and I think this one might fly--he knows how to type and he has something to say. It's a plan that often makes a successful blog.


Carol said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. You're welcome to use the bumper sticker you saw there. I love your blog - looks so interesting. I'll be back. And yes, I'm over fifty - 56 to be exact. Thanks again!

Norma said...

Oh goody. Another over-50 blogger!