Wednesday, December 14, 2005

1891 Frozen car door tip

When car doors stick to the weather stripping around the doors in this cold weather, you can break a door handle trying to get in, or damage the weather stripping. Jonathan Welsh of WSJ suggests rubbing a bar of soap or wax from a candle on the weatherstripping. He also mentions a commerical product (Armor All) would probably work (didn't sound like he'd actually tried it).

However, I'm just not sure about all this, so I googled the topic. One site on auto detailing said never get car wax on the door frame seals, so I would think candle wax wouldn't be a good idea. Armor All was listed for door locks but I didn't see anything about weather stripping. Plus, remember, ladies, your coats or dresses may have to touch that weatherstrip when entering or exiting.

So my vote would be with the bar of soap. But then I read this:

The Pat Goss site recommends preemptive action with a silicone spray: "Luckily, prevention is painless. Spray the rubber around the doors with silicone, which is readily available in auto parts stores. It’s a good idea to spray silicone on all the weather-stripping surrounding car doors four times every year. Silicone is so slippery it prevents ice that forms on the weather-stripping from sticking to the car’s body. Your doors open easily when your neighbor’s are frozen solid."

We need advice from a Canadian.


Sunny Ellis said...

silicone is bad too. If you get any on your paint, you will never be able to paint the vehicle. It causes fish-eye imperfections in the paint (very noticable) and is nearly impossible to get off. I would go with the soap.

Cathy said...

We don't have this problem in south Georgia - sorry, can't help ;)

Anonymous said...

i have that problum so i will try these things on my cars and will let you all know wich one works better.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Canadian so perhaps my suggestion may be of help!

There is a company that offers an inexpensive solution to the frozen car door problem. Check out Free's Ease at They're only $3.99 and can also be used as a keychain. The little gadget gives you enough extra leverage so that the door can be opened without damaging your handle.