Thursday, December 15, 2005

1897 Congratulations, Iraqis

Another great turnout to vote, showing the terrorists who have invaded your country, the world, and the Howard Deans and Dick Durbins in our own disgraceful, run-for-cover Democratic Party that you're willing and able to have a democracy.

I'm watching some inspiring footage on Fox. The coverage on other channels is poor and somewhat less enthusiastic, which seems to be focusing on Sunni turnout last January and on the violence of the insurgency. CNN is unbelieveably negative ignoring completely the real story. The Democrats have tried so hard to have this fail, and will continue to diminish their accomplishments I'm sure. This must be a crushing blow.

And to the American people--they've shown us great courage and determination to vote. Our voting turn out is paltry by comparison. Maybe for 2008 we should invite some Iraqis here to beat the drum for democracy.

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