Friday, December 09, 2005

1873 Extreme knitters

I have no knit projects to show you. I'm still waiting to learn "purl." The closest I've come is raving about Cathy. However, last night I was talking to Ken Becker, a local photographer who exhibits at Winterfair, and he told me about this:

Now this is what I'd call extreme knitting. A cozy for a VW Beetle. Nowadays, there is "extreme" everything. Our church has extreme worship. Sort of resembles this.


Cathy said...

Oh my gosh, have you ever!

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen? Who in the world would want to knit for a car? That is a hoot!!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing something about a woman who was knitting a VW 'cozy' for her bug in either Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits, I can't remember which. She had knit in the headlights and wheels ;o)

see-through faith said...

LOVED the comparision to extreme worship!

Laura said...

The windows and the headlights are uncovered... Makes me wonder if they're actually planning on driving with the cover on!