Wednesday, December 14, 2005

1889 So it's not the economy, Stupid?

It's gasoline prices--that's how shallow Americans are, I am grieved to say. Yesterday's paper reported that the President's job approval rating has rebounded from 28% to 43%, depending on which polls you follow (some were lower than others). Apparently, lower gasoline prices have a lot to do with the uptick.

So, who put that gas hog SUV in your garage? Who forced you to buy a bigger house further away from the workplace with cheap mortgage money? Who did you elect to Congress who won't let us drill for oil in Alaska (actually, quite a few Republicans), or build refineries? When will the [wo]man on the street step up and say, "It's my fault."

The economy has never been better. The GDP grew 3.8% in the third quarter, the 10th consecutive quarterly increase of above 3%, which makes this the longest streak of growth since WWII! Unemployment at 5% is lower than the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and you hardly hear anyone mention inflation, unless they are reminiscing about Jimmy Carter's presidency. And would you believe that Bush is rated poorly in the polls for the economy? That's sheer ignorance, or somebody's sniffing gasoline fumes.

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