Saturday, December 17, 2005

If 1941 were 2005

what do you suppose the questions, thoughts and reactions would be? American Thinker has some answers. For instance, these classics:

Q. “Since there are always root causes for bellicosity, what’s the root cause of Japan’s attack?”

A. Americans have never bothered to learn Japanese language, culture, and history. So we don’t understand Japan’s complaints against us. There would never have been a Pearl Harbor attack if we had been nicer to Japanese immigrants.

Q. “What’s the root cause for Adolf Hitler’s and Nazi Germany’s animosity towards America?”

A. Jews have disproportionate influence in the current American administration. That’s why President Franklin Delano Roosevelt supports Zionism and the idea of a Jewish state in the Middle East. That’s also why Roosevelt is such a lackey of the British, who persist in standing in the way of Germany’s legitimate need for lebensraum in Poland and in other parts of Eastern Europe.

Not only that. We should be sending a team to Switzerland to talk to Hitler’s emissaries and find a way to stop this totally unnecessary war right now.

Thanks to Sister ToldJah for the link.

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