Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freepers and Pinkos picket outside Walter Reed Hospital

Homespun blogger Tom has a post about the pro Castro Code Pink picketers (about 11) and the pro-troops counter supporters (about 26) demonstrating outside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC. "Wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are taken out to dinner [by the Free Republic supporters] every Friday night on a luxury bus, and return to the hospital at about 9:30 They reenter the hospital right where the Pinkos hold their protest. We want the troops to see a pro-troop rally, and not just the Pinkos. As it is, the Pinkos have been packing up and going home at 9pm, we suspect so that they won't have to look at the troops on the bus flipping them off, which they have done."

So much for "we support our troops, not the war." I can't imagine the hate and loathing it takes to picket wounded soldiers who defend your right to hold up that sign!

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