Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2712 Plan B again

Plan B has been in the news again. But this isn't about THAT plan, but this one, written in March:

"Plan B is pretty simple: stop trying to put Iraq together. It has no history of existing as a single country other than in the ruthless bonds of a tyranny or, before that, as an convenience for British imperial administration. What was India became India and Pakistan; what was Pakistan became Pakistan and Bangladesh. The end of Soviet imperial rule was quickly followed by Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia splintering and the splinters are finally beginning to prosper and escape their legacies of hatred. Who says there has to be a country called Iraq?

The most likely partition of Iraq is a “Kurdistan” in the north; a Sunni country in the west; and a Shiite nation in the east. There’s plenty not to like about plan B."

Read the rest at Tom Evslin's Fractals of Change.

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