Saturday, August 26, 2006

2793 Hull Pottery

At an antique show, I always look for Hull Pottery. Hull was made in Crooksville, Ohio in the first half of the 20th century, sort of a cheaper version of Roseville and Weller. But there were many potteries in Ohio--in 1850 there were over 40 just in that area. I bought my first piece at a yard sale in Upper Arlington around 1972 for $3.00 and my last piece maybe 10 or 15 years ago for about $45. I only like the pre-1950, matt finish artware. I finally found one small piece at the last booth I went to at the Lakeside Antique Sale today--$75.00. So I put it back gently. There is now an association of people who collect Hull and they just had their convention, so maybe that's where all the Hull went. And why the prices are so high.

The antique vendors who set up in South Auditorium probably pay more, but they are protected if it rains--and it is cloudy today.

I did buy a small book of poetry, Catawba Stories by William N. Troy from a woman I call "the book lady." She is almost always in the same spot, and I bought an Elsie Dinsmore from her about 20 years ago. I think she has been doing this sale for over 40 years. I keep books in my cottage that are specific to this area. It's not the best poetry I've ever read, but it is local--there's one about the Catawba Ferry and another about the graves on Johnson Island (Civil War POW prison).

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William N. Troy is my father