Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Family Photo

This is my husband, about age 4 or 5, his sister Jean, and cousin Norma Lou with their grandfather, whom they all called "Biggie." He was much adored, and my husband still talks about him 60+ years later. Norma lived with her grandparents and my husband and siblings stayed with them almost every week-end.

Their grandparents were a part of their lives in ways I couldn't even imagine, because these little ones all had divorced and remarried parents. I had six grandparents and thought they were just nice relatives whom we visited every Sunday so I could see my cousins. I really grew to appreciate my grandparents when I became an adult and understood the difficulties and joys of their lives better. And I was fortunate to have them many years--I was 43 when my paternal grandparents died, and 21 when my great-grandmother died.

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Renee Nefe said...

When I met DH I kept striking a raw nerve with him. See I am an oldest child and I still had two of my grandmothers when we met. But DH is the baby of his family and all of his grandparents has passed by the time he was a teenager. So my repeated stories of interaction with my grandmother and my arguments with her just got him upset. He didn't say it, but you could tell there was "At least you still have your grandmother!" in the back of his mind.
I'm still lucky enough to have one grandmother and I still argue with her because I'm her daughter's daughter and just like her (both hers) in every way.