Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Memories: Our Lakeside bicycles

Although I don't have the first photo with me, this bicycle was a birthday gift for me in 1968 when our daughter was still a baby. It is a no gear, no speed (but me) old fashioned bike with coaster brakes and I love it more each year. Several years ago I replaced the original seat, and around 1979 we replaced the tires, which had been damaged when a friend had a spill riding it. The original tires weren't this wide, so we had to cut some of the fender back to get it to fit.

About 15 years ago we bought a 10 speed Raleigh from a neighbor for about $20 and brought it to the lake. This year the tires gave out so my husband took it to the local bike shop for repairs. The two tires, new rims, new tubes, gear repair, new carrying rack and all-round tune-up cost us $100! I was in shock.
Everyone in Lakeside parks their cars and rides bikes. Our expensive refurbished used Raleigh bike is in here somewhere.

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Reverberate58 said...

Hubby and I bought nice 10-speeds the first year we got married. I never could figure out the gears!!LOL Now I want a simple 3 speed bike I can use around the neighborhood.

Great memory to share. Thanks for stopping by today. Have a magic Monday!

Lazy Daisy said...

Great Bike and lovely way to travel. The whole village looks lovely and quaint. I've missed you. Think I'll look around a bit while I'm here. Hope Finland was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Yes, bike rides can give some really pleasant memories. It's the perfect way to feel the nice air and enjoy the scenery - and hear all the birds!!!

I've never understood those who rides for exercise and just MUST have all those gears and speeds. Wouldn't it be better with no ones, since you get more exercise without them...? *lol*

Thanks for stopping by :-)