Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2785 Political gobbledy-gook

I've never had a course in economics or politics, but even I know gibberish and buzz words:

"Clean energy can be a big part of the debate over how America advances economically, in both micro and macro terms: how we develop good American jobs, how America leads the world technologically and economically, and how we help Americans save money and maintain their standard of living. We as a party and as candidates have a huge opportunity that should not be missed—one that addresses not only core economic insecurities of Americans, but defines us as a forward looking, prescient party."

clean energy (buzz words)
part of the debate (east coast or DC gibberish)
America advances (buzz words)
micro economics (small gibberish)
macro economics (big gibberish)
America leads (buzz words)
technologically and economically (buzz words)
Americans save money (buzz words)
Americans maintain their standard of living (buzz words)
addresses core economic insecurities (somber gibberish)
We are forward looking (buzz words)
We are prescient (highfalutin gibberish)

Guess which party is developing this no-plan plan? (Al Quinlan and Mike Bocian, August 23, 2006)

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