Sunday, August 13, 2006

2754 The Waitress test

I don't think I included some of these points in my "How not to marry a jerk" blog and "How not to marry a high maintenance woman" that I wrote a few months back.

Here's one. The waitress test. "If you find yourself dating a man who treats you like a queen and other females like dirt - hit the road."

There's a long list of signs you're dating a loser over at Coffee Talk, who's recently been dumped and feeling really blue. She got them from Joe Carver's website. He's currently working with juvenile offenders. I think there's probably a link between losers and offenders. He also has an article "Love and the Stockholm syndrome."

Then she writes some advice from bitter experience for women about being dumb and living with the boyfriend:

"Marriage verses living together: Many couples today live together for years and never get married; this is fine if you don't want to marry this person, but if you do don't sell yourself short. If you want marriage from this man then stick to your guns and don't settle for less, move the wedding date up if it is so imporant for you two to live under one roof, if you're sure that he is the one for you. But don't fall for these lines from him: I want to see how we work together before we tie the knot. Or, I don't want to get married till I can buy you a proper ring, or have a nice wedding, or save money to buy a nicer home or car, or I want to pay off some bills before I get married. Accept it, he's not looking for a wife...He's looking for a Room-mate, THAT COOKS AND CLEANS AND GIVES HIM FREE SEX, and pays half of the bills so he has more money. He's still looking for MRS. RIGHT, and you just allowed him to say, "You're not her" and went along with it. You're worth more then what he is willing to offer, be smart run fast!"

Couldn't have said it better myself. I would have even told her that two years ago when I first came across her blog, but she wouldn't have believed me then.


murrayT said...

I thought the comment about the man getting free sex was interesting. Wouldn't the woman be getting free sex too? Why is it always implied that the male and not the female is the only one to receive pleasure during intercourse?
Maybe it would be better if he just paid her for it!

Norma said...

You mean, maybe, she's getting auto repair, lawn mowing AND free sex. Yeah. Sure.