Thursday, August 03, 2006

2721 Ann Coulter's Godless

Yesterday a friend loaned me her copy of Godless. I had requested it from the library, but was out of town when it became available.

I'll probably return it today--not having made it through chapter one, because I don't agree with her main thesis, which is clearly stated at the beginning (I give her credit here--she's up front). Ann has some peculiar views about Christians. She thinks, or writes for sales, that they are all political conservatives. She sees liberals as worshipping in another faith--a state religion ruled from the temples of NOW, unions, Darwinists, and abortion clinics. I know hyperbole sells books (as it did for Michael Moore), but this is pure hogwash.

I've been an evangelical Christian since 1974 (I score much higher as a Calvinist than a Lutheran), and a Republican since 2001. I voted for Bill Clinton his first term, but not his second. I can't wedge a piece of dental floss between the theology of Bill Clinton and George Bush, one a serial philanderer and one a recovering alcoholic. Both are sinners on earth trusting a merciful God for the next life and guidance in this life based on the saving work of Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. God doesn't grade on a curve, but Ann does.

Most of the liberals I know are Christians, active in their churches, volunteers in community organizations that enhance the welfare of all, good parents and grandparents, veterans of WWII, Korea, and the Gulf War who love their country. Some are Unitarians or Mormons or Spiritualists or Wiccans, but most of the liberals I know are Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics and United Church of Christ. I haven't met any who worship in the godless temples she describes or who drive fewer SUVs and Hummers. Two of the most godly women I know, members of my Lutheran church, are public school teachers who don't like the NEA or NCLB. They love Jesus and children.

When I was a "liberal"
  • I believed that abortion was murder, just as many consevatives believe it is a woman's right to choose. I know the real me was one time a fetus.
  • I have never believed in evolution, although I was taught nothing else all through my school years--it wasn't a religious decision as much as it just didn't make any sense to me. After more study as an adult, I am now a 6 day creationist, and that is religious.
  • I know very few conservative Christians who go that far--they burble around in million year long "day" theories and Intelligent Design.
  • I've always believed that animals should be protected from human cruelty, and that is rooted in my Christian faith.
  • I don't believe smokers should pollute my air and lungs--and that's a health decision. And I don't like stinky clothes and paying for their medical bills with my tax money.
  • Since first visting Lake Erie in 1974 (where I now have a summer home), I've believed that we need to protect the 95% of the USA's fresh water supply from industrial and agricultural pollution. That isn't liberal or conservative--that's called self preservation.
  • When I was a liberal I believed blacks and women should not be denied access to houses, jobs and political office. I'm guessing Ann Coulter believes that too.
  • I believed then and now, that only the marriage bed is undefiled as Paul writes in the Bible. But that's a message conservatives as much as liberals. Both liberals and conservatives know Paul wasn't talking about 2 men or 2 women, or groups of people who claim marriage, or serial marriages as many conservatives seem to love.
  • I grew up in the anabaptist tradition and firmly believed then and now that we Christians and Americans put way too much faith in worldly goods and social status to bring meaning to our lives--"things" help the economy but they don't do much for the soul. That is not liberal property, but is firmly Biblical.

I still believe what I believed in the 70s and 80s, which is why I know Coulter's thesis is incorrect. Liberals are not godless. They have a solution to sin that is different than mine--more government in our lives. And it isn't a whole lot more successful than conservatives posting the 10 commandments and wagging their fingers at gays.

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Susan said...

Very well stated. I always say I am Conservative and I am Christian, but they are not inter-realted. I've always believed that, even when I went to a much more conservative church that the ELCA!