Friday, August 11, 2006

2749 Like little kids

the left wing bloggers are covering their eyes and shouting so they can't hear or see anything. Pathetic.

"British police have arrested 24 people suspected of involvement in the plot. At least one was reportedly a woman with a small child; two others were converts to Islam. One of the suspects reportedly worked at Heathrow Airport.

The identities of 19 were disclosed by the Bank of England as it announced it had frozen their accounts. They ranged in age from 17 to 35 and had Muslim names, many of them common in Pakistan. Pakistani officials said they were British-born.

Pakistani officials said they had arrested five Pakistanis and two Britons in the case, including British national Rashid Rauf, arrested about a week ago and described as a "key person" with ties to al-Qaida." (AP story)


Three Score and Ten or more said...

The last two days have been eye openers. For democrats who blame the Bush Administration for the existence of this conspiracy because Bush has "lost the confidence of the rest of the world", this is a real case of cognitive dissonance. By the way, I have tagged you (see my blog for details). I think that you may have originated this tag, and if so, everything that goes around comes around.

I have really enjoyed the tales of your trip. I will only get to Finland this fall, but you make me want to expand the journey.

Rocky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - It's not as prolific as yours. I take it your not a democrat then...I think most people over here are in a state of shock to comment on the plot or whatever it is. There's been a few comments from the Muslim community condemming foreign policy this morning but we're all holding our breath to see what happens next. I'll take some time to read through your archives later, we've got a wedding to go to now. Thanks again for stopping by.