Thursday, August 10, 2006

2739 Old Joe

The Democrats have lost the heart and soul of the party to the radicals. They will listen to the lies of the rich, white, anti-Jewish left in the party and dump old Joe, who is right with them on just about everything except defense. He is a supporter of Israel, increasingly a no-no on the left. I guess the Jews in the party don't read history, if they go with the party first and their heritage second. Jews in Germany and Russia learned the hard way.

I personally like to have some decent Democrats in office--they keep the offensive right wing nuts in check. Joe brought in a lot of votes for Gore in 2000--they would have lost by many more votes if he hadn't been on the ticket. Of course, those were the days when the Dems also believed, and preached, the danger of terrorists and WMD. They weren't rushing to support McKinney in Georgia, who is articulate, black and just as kooky as they are.

If a super-rich white guy with no political experience were running on the Republican ticket, the press would be all over him like flies on sweet corn cobs at a summer picnic. But WaPo described him as "little known entrepreneur." Yeah, a one issue candidate with the isolationist stance right out of the 1930s.

We can only hope that all the smart, patriotic Democrats and Independents were on vacation for the August primaries and they know how to vote at the polls when it really counts.

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