Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another meme

I found this at Gekko's site.

1. What are you wearing right now? Navy wool slacks, white collar shirt, layered with rust colored 100% cotton long sleeve open weave t-shirt. Brown Ecco tie oxfords, no jewelry except my rings.

2. What is on your mind right now? Blogging this meme. Also, I'm multi-tasking, listening to see if the dishwasher is still making that funny noise I heard on Thursday.

3. What was the last thing you watched on TV? I had one of the rerun channels on during the night. I saw several wretched "family" comedies from recent years, one about a baby being born with lots of screaming and yelling, one about a daughter that shoplifted so she could get in with the popular crowd, one about a daughter 15 who was getting her driver's permit and was driving badly because her boyfriend dumped her; they weren't very good, but I was awake with a cough about 3:30, then overslept. The converter box is working fine on the 20 year old set. Wish my eyes worked better; it's across the room.

4. What was the last thing you ate? My fabulous, thrown-together, cabbage soup with a touch of sweet-sour. See the previous blog entry.

5. Who was the last person you were on the phone with? Haven't talked on the phone today. It might have been a friend calling from Florida who reads this blog?

6. Are you a compulsive cleaner? I'm cleaner than a lot of people, but certainly not compulsive. I can see cracker crumbs and cat hair on my dark green office carpet. I've recently discovered that if I wipe some alcohol on my kitchen marble counter top, the paper towel finds a lot of dirt. I wonder if it's the old sealer coming up?

7. Zombies - good, bad, or just misunderstood? Where did that come from? Do people actually think on such things?

8. What was the last song you listened to? I was listening to Dr. Laura on a California station yesterday (streaming radio)--so it was probably her bumper music. She's not been available locally since the Gays got mad at her for saying that an adopted baby deserved a mother and a father.

9. Do you have any pets? Yes, she's getting drowsy right behind me on my office couch. I gave her a piece of cheese at lunch, and she'll be my best friend for about 2 hours.

10. What's your favoritest ice cream? Toft's Moose tracks, but it's hard to beat their Black Raspberry Bugaboo Fudge, too. I hope the government doesn't socialize the ice cream business and ruin it.

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