Friday, February 20, 2009

Some new sites to visit

This is fun to read--at least for a conservative, The Absurd Report. Seem to be a few Washington insiders present--a group blog. Be sure to read the collection of links on articles about Obama paying mortgages, and the percentage that will fail within 6 months anyway. I was going to do that one, but they've already done it.

Also I've added Hot Stuff 2.0 to my library links. He/she has corralled a huge list of librarian bloggers (540 last I checked), which are fun to look through (for me). Didn't see the Laundress', Deb's or Jill's--think you just add your name at the bottom. Librarians are really into blogging. Only about 1% are conservative, would be my guess, and that might be high. But it reflects what's on the shelves of your library.

Somehow my Bearflag League group fell off my blog--must have been in my last redesign. It's a group of California or ex-pat California bloggers. Yes, I used to live in California. Way long time ago. Alameda. Update: I found the code and added it, but couldn't get it to work in a cute little scroll box.

FISCONS blogs on the issues that affect your wallet - and the members of Congress that vote to protect it.

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