Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bush spent a lot, now it's my turn

What is this? Anything you can do I can do better? Obama says not to criticize him for his outrageous spending package because Bush spent too much getting us into trouble. So he spends more.
    The Bush administration is certainly vulnerable to the charge that it spent way too much. Unfortunately for the always-campaigning President Obama, however, this is not a valid response to the question of whether he should spend more now. Link.

Bush lost a lot of support among Republicans for his profligate spending on domestic problems, especially those passed with "bi-partisan efforts." Republicans totally pulled away from him on the illegal alien issue. The difference here is the more Obama spends, the more the Democrats love him.
    So this plan is the worst of all worlds — unless you are a once-closet socialist trained in the grand academic tradition of Chicago street organizing who finally sees an opportunity to "come out" and work your wonders on the poster nation for greedy and decadent capitalism, the United States of America. It involves incomprehensible spending in aggravation of an already dangerous national debt load; a possible net retardant effect on economic recovery; greater government control over the economy, with a consequent diminution of our liberties; and a necessary reduction of essential government services. Link

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Anonymous said...

He also said this is only the start. He wins!