Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Men buy, women shop

For our upcoming trip, we both needed new shoes, and time to break them in. I saw there was 15% off at Kohl's today for seniors so we made an appointment for afternoon. But before I went to volunteer at the lunch room, I swung by Kohl's just to take a quick peek (an hour) and get the lay of the land. I found a pair for me that wasn't clunky and ugly trimmed in strange colors, a white tie Nike with a small band of light gold trim. I know we'll be doing a lot of walking, so there really aren't too many options if you need good heel support. I also browsed the sale items for women without purchasing anything, because all the good buys were winter clothing, and it will be hot in Israel and Egypt.

When we went together after lunch, we selected 3 brown/beige in Skechers for him to try, to replace his casual pair that is starting to show the wear of our trips to Ireland, Italy and Haiti. Because he wears an 8, he can usually find a good selection on sale. Two pair fit really well--he didn't want to choose--so he bought both. While he was checking out, I grabbed two short sleeve T's, white and blue (for me) I'd seen in the morning and tossed them on top of the shoes. In and out in about 15 minutes.

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Joubert said...

"Men buy, women shop." That's a good insight.