Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No health czar, no hearings, no choice

We've got it anyway. SCHIP protecting "children," who are adults, and electronic records snooping to make sure our doctors won't be able to give us too much help or quality care. On this one issue alone, the Republicans should have stopped the "hear no evil, see no evil, smell no stench" routine. Obama didn't need a single Republican vote to launch his war on the economy.
    "Two provisions in President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan could give the federal government the authority to oversee the medical decisions made between doctors and patients, critics warn, which could result in the rationing of health care." Story here.
I can understand why the Democrats fall in line--he's their guy. They can see what's happening, but they've invested so much of their passion and belief in a false prophet, that even when the crash of planets doesn't happen, they prepare to climb on board the spaceship ready for the next lie. But why would the Republicans be willing to accept the blame? Arlen Specter of PA, and Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins of ME. RINOs helped stampede us into a recession. In case you haven't lived long enough to remember history, here's a picture of what we've had in my adult life.

The chart is from JWF, a site not known to me, but I was around then, and it looks familiar. If you disagree with the figures, take your questions to him. I recall paying 10.5% for a mortgage in 1988.


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
In 1982 we had a 16% mortgage. Only $2 of my monthly payment went towards the principle. So at the end of a year I only reduced my mortgage by $24. If we would have rented instead,it would have cost about the same per month and of course,at the end of the year I would have had nothing to show for it. My credit and job status was checked and I needed at least 20% down. I did not attempt to buy a house that I couldn't afford and I did make sure I understood the conditions of my mortgage. Plus I fully understood my financial responsibility and limitations. Now I have to help those who did none of the above! Thank you very much to our Federal government.

Norma said...

In 1988, that was a mortgage for our summer home, having paid off our 20 year mortgage (about 6%) from 1968. We had the same requirements as you. And in a few years (after Reagan tax cuts took hold and the economy started again) we refinanced at about 7.5%, paid it off about 10 years ago. But there were a lot years there where we thought we'd never see mortgage rates what they were in the 1960s plus inflation was high.

Unknown said...

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