Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cancer hoax in e-mail

The latest I received was supposedly from Johns Hopkins, but they are all over the internet. There are lots of things you can do to have a healthier life, but avoiding the microwave, fast food containers, and freezing water in plastic bottles aren't those.
    You can eat real food

    Get up and go for a walk and breathe

    Be faithful to your spouse

    Stop smoking or don't start
Just those four things--without Yoga, or vitamin supplements, no vegetarian diet, no navel gazing, will do a lot to help. Even prayer if it reduces your stress level. A nice hobby. A beautiful scene. An occasional vacation that doesn't wear down your wallet. Perhaps putting your hands in dirt and growing a garden. But no modification in living would have stopped my daughter's cancer, which she survived thanks to modern medicine and alert doctors, only to almost be taken out by a DVT which had nothing at all to do with anything except flying too often and wearing high heels.

Let's put good intentions in perspective. The environmentalist movement has killed more Africans than the Atlantic slave trade ever did; over 40 million developing Americans have died in abortions; a dirty peanut plant with careless owners is taking its toll on immune compromised people who survived cancer and other problems through a living, perfectly "natural" bacteria called Salmonella Typhimurium.

Now, listen to mother and get a life.


Anonymous said...

Oh, cancer doctor told me to avoid those things 7 years ago when my cancer reared its ugly I have heard this before...but I'd be in bad shape now without the vitamins since I can not eat a balanced diet anymore.
I think you do what works for you and try not to give too much advice to others...but it is nice to see something other than Obama bashing.

Norma said...

Healthy people don't need supplements, they need real food. Obviously, dear, there are exceptions, and some people benefit from vitamins who can't eat many types of food like you. But your cancer didn't come from microwaving food in plastic containers and neither did my mother's. And that hoax didn't come from Johns Hopkins.

Anonymous said...

Smokers consume alot of vitamins hoping to undo the damage. Its easier than quitting.