Sunday, February 15, 2009

Late for church twice in one day!

We have a prayer team that meets with the pastors at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning. This is perfect for me--I'm an early riser. It's about 6 minutes from my garage, to the parking lot, to the sanctuary. However, today I was to drive my husband's car to church so he can pick it up at midnight when he returns from a mission week in Haiti. I jumped (literally since it sits higher than my van) in his SUV which I hadn't driven in about 6 months, and had to find the seat lever to adjust for my short legs, the seat belt, key hole and garage door opener in the dark. Then I had to relearn a stick shift. In the parking lot I had to find the little switch (again in the dark) that lets you remove the key. I was late for prayer!

Then at 7:30 after prayer I went into the church library to read, because first service doesn't start until 8:15. I was reading about 18th and 19th century ethnic Lutherans in the USA (didn't get along, didn't like each others' music or liturgy and once they learned English they started getting cosy with Episcopalians and Reformed), when a woman who also used to live in Mt. Morris, IL came in and sat down. So as women do, we got to chatting, and before I knew it, it was 8:25 and I was late for church--again!

Our church has 9 services at 3 locations (Lytham Rd., Upper Arlington; Mill Run, Hilliard; Hilltop, Columbus) to which you can be late. Check out UALC.

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