Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Family Photo--August 1982

Is it too early, too cold, too gray to be thinking about Lakeside, Ohio, that 19th century chautauqua community on Lake Erie? In the 1980s, we liked the nostalgic 1950s feel; now we like the nostalgic 1980s feel.

This home was one of our favorite rentals. I think it's now owned by the director, Kevin Sibbring. When it came up for sale, we still had children in school, so couldn't even think about it. I like this photo because my son was standing on his tip-toes and was not yet taller than me. Now he is 6'1" and I'm the shortest one in the family. But in 1988 we did buy our own cottage, and now we can spend most of our summer at Lakeside. Here's my link for life at Lakeside.

Here we are at Lakeside (without the children) 25 years later, August 2007.


Anonymous said...

1980's nostalgic feel.

Now I feel old, I think I will go lay down.

Norma said...

Oops. That's August 2008. I lost a year somewhere. My pension wishes it were still the good old days before the markets realized who was going to be president, and when Ireland was still the Celtic Tiger.

Anyway, here we are 26 years later, not 25.