Sunday, February 22, 2009

Straight out of the Roaring 20's

Soapbox Jill, a librarian/writer in Wisconsin, answers some questions you might have about Obama and his supporters with answers from the 1920 Milwaukee Leader featuring responses from the Socialist Party.
    Q: Why doesn't the Democrats' stimulus bill contain more comprehensive tax cuts for consumers and businesses so we can have secure jobs to allow us to save for our future?
    A: "...under Collectivism there will not be the slightest necessity for individual saving with a view to providing for the future or old age, for care will be taken of every citizen...There will be no encouragement for saving, because the accumulating of capital will be looked upon as the function of society, and not of the individual." (from "Socialism vs. Communism" by Victor L. Berger in The Milwaukee Leader, February 7, 1920)

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