Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Blogger writes about Lakeside and the popsicle vendor

This is a nice blog about Lakeside, and although I noticed the popsicle guy at the Farmer's Market, I didn't stop. Great story.

"Derek was 30-years-old. His two nieces, ages seven and 12, live with him. A judge gave him custody of the girls when their mother sadly fell victim to the pandemic opioid crisis. The court decided Derek, their uncle, was the best suitable relative to care for the young girls.
The pair helps Derek make the icy treats, and even suggest the unusual flavors and ingredients. In addition to farmers markets, Derek is hired for special events and wedding receptions.
Derek got the mobile icy pop idea from seeing similar operations in large cities that he visited. He thought, “Why not here?”
Besides his business, Derek works two other jobs to make ends meet."

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