Friday, July 12, 2019

Lakeside 2019, Week 4, Simon & Garfunkel and Mark Twain

Last night's tribute to Simon & Garfunkel by Nic and Alex Chamberlain was delightful. They love that era (although young enough to be the grandsons of many in the audience) and performed it well. We even got up and danced, despite my bursitis. And a super band--especially the pianist with the long blond pony-tail.

Today is the second installment of Organizing 101. I’ll have to put a few things away (like the back of the van) so that we can accommodate our guests, niece Joan and husband Dan.  Tonight is 3 Dog Night, which I’m sure we’ll not attend, or if we do, we’ll sit outside on a bench.  Five years ago Phil came up for that.

The Mark Twain/Rod Serling lecture with Mark Dawidziak TV critic of Cleveland Plain Dealer was outstanding yesterday. I didn’t take American literature in college, nor did I ever watch Twilight Zone, but he managed to pull it all together.  He’s also written a book on the TV show Colombo which will be issued this fall on its 30th anniversary.

Wheelersburg, Ohio, (on the Ohio River) has a championship girls little league softball team, and the family of the pitcher is renting 2 doors down. We sit on the porch and watch a powerhouse pitch like I've never seen--12 years old--as she practices with her dad in the yard. Her older sister already has a college scholarship in the sport, and there are 4 other girls in the family.  A few years ago Bob did a painting of one of the daughters with red hair riding her scooter.

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