Saturday, July 13, 2019

Thoughts on a summer day--Lakeside 2019

I just read on Facebook that one of our nephews is getting married--I'll pencil it in.

Yesterday Bob went to the Farmer's Market--it's an event of Tuesday and Friday mornings at Lakeside.  In June things were sparse, but now the crops are starting to grow.  Anyway, he came home with the most fabulous chocolate chip cookies ever.  So I went back and got rhubarb, beets with leaves, and romaine. Things we need more than cookies.

Bob has finished all his porch reading, so I went down to the Lakeside Women's Club which has a library and selected a Rita Mae Brown, Crazy like a Fox, novel.  She's written a lot--not as much as Mary Higgins Clark, but if he likes her style, it could keep him busy for awhile.  She's in her mid-70s and I just won't tell him she's a lesbian activist and feminist.

Dinner tonight is from the crock pot, but it doesn't seem to be doing well, and may have to take a pass through the oven.  The program at Hoover Auditorium is Texas Tenors.  They are wonderful.  Last night was Three Dog Night, and although I did recognize a few songs (we sat outside a short while in order to protect our hearing), they looked like refugees from North Shore (our local nursing home).  It was a packed house.

Each Saturday afternoon, a local talent sings from the pavilion, and I sat on a park bench for awhile--it's very hot but a great wind blowing.  He was really fabulous--don't know why he isn't on a bigger circuit.  Very few people were listening--just talking and enjoying the afternoon.  But he said his wife is a doctor--jokingly said she supports him.  Hmm. Gave up a career for marriage?

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