Thursday, July 04, 2019

Other than that, they are loyal Americans

"The Left is crystal clear.

They have a new rainbow flag, they want to remove Washington, Jefferson, Betsy Ross and the rest of the founding.

They want to replace the citizenry with new people.

They want to ignore federal law, dissolve the borders of the United States and transfer many elements of sovereignty to global structures.

They want to end constitutional protections such as free speech, religious liberty, due process and any and all constitution limits or common law traditions which don't fit their plan of the day.

They do not respect elections, or democracy, or any splits of power, such as the electoral college, apportionment of districts or separation of powers, unless they win. All other exercises of power are illegitimate.

They want to swap all definitions, holidays, street names, statues, history text books, flags, rules, traditions, religions, borders, people, structures, institutions, moral codes, sexual mores, family structures, civic organizations, decision structures, leaders and primary language, plus they want to libel, destroy and remove the rights of anyone wanting to retain any of those things.

Other than that, they are loyal Americans.”

Jeffrey Varasano

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