Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Democrats endanger lives of illegal immigrants and cheat the legal ones

Based on Census data (ACS) there are about 44.5 million immigrants in the U.S., or about 13.7% of the population. (That number doesn't include foreign born here for other reasons.) Unlike Ilhan Omar, immigrants and children of immigrants are usually among the most patriotic of all Americans--especially if the stories of WWII or the Gulag or the Disappeared have been passed down. By far, immigrants are the most eager to take advantage of our property rights and free markets--something they probably weren't allowed in their country of birth.

Recently, the terms immigrant and "illegal immigrant" have been deliberately morphed although they are very different. Even finding unbiased statistical data is difficult because of slanted meanings of words. But that number gives you an idea why Democrats are rewarding illegal immigrants at the expense of the legal ones waiting and paying high legal fees and the refugees already given numbers to enter (45,000 a year). It's a numbers game for federal money, political power and electoral votes.
They are also putting the illegal immigrants at risk for trafficking, health, employment and education problems, plus 5-10 years down the road they still won't be legal but their children will be causing great stress in families. True refugees are required to apply for a green card to become a permanent resident after one year in the United States. After five years of residency, they become eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. That is not the case for the catch and release, reward the coyotes system for those who fade into the general population.

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