Monday, July 22, 2019

The real "love it or leave it" is in the religion of woke

Amy Wax a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania was invited to speak on racial equality at Bucknell University, a small private school founded by Baptists in the 19th century. The campus religion there is now the Church of Woke, and they are scary fundamentalists. These rituals which are also performed at other colleges followed that announcement, according to Prof. Alexander Riley, in "Woke Totemism," First Things, Aug/Sept. 2019.
  • The faculty email list exploded with vituperative attacks on her.
  • Her works were characterized in scatological terms.
  • The abusive language was justified as the prerogative of marginalized minority groups.
  • White supremacy has excluded minorities from discourse in the past was the reason.
  • Wax's published writings are the equivalent of a swastika or a burning cross.
  • Students who invited her are fascists who could be violent and assault students of color.
  • Departments sponsoring her lecture were denounced and one rescinded its contribution due to pressure
  • Trauma counseling was suggested for students and faculty harmed by her lecture
  • Faculty were encouraged to attend a conference on the state of being white as a grave threat to American democracy.
And he goes on to explain the emotional, physical and superstitions of Woke Totemism based on Emile Durkeim's description of primitive religions and compares classic totemism with today's rituals of multiculturalism.

The virtuous victim (the members of the cult) may outwardly appear similar to Christ on the Cross, but they lack saving power or the will to do good. And this church will only get more shrill and angry.

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