Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Whiney rich people

"There are 585 billionaires in the US. The press is making a huge deal out of Soros saying billionaires are willing to pay more taxes. There were only 19 out of 585 (CNBC was so anxious to play this up they said “almost 20”) , and if they want to pay more they can just write a check to the treasury, or they can spend that cash on homeless shelters, improving schools, or whatever other good deeds they make believe they support. Once again the press is trying to paint a false rhetoric in support of Soros and his far left ideology." Ross Rant, June 27, 2019

I would toss football player Colin Kaepernick into that pile, although he's not a billionaire—only a millionaire. Instead of maligning Betsy Ross, a female seamstress who actually worked with her hands, he could fund homeless shelters or support soup kitchens for those who can't or won't work. He’ll even get a tax deduction.

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