Sunday, July 07, 2019

The power of YET

Joan Shaw Turrentine, retired teacher, pastor’s wife, mother, grandmother, blogger and FaceBook companion writes:

“I was reminded again this morning of the power of "yet." Even at my age, YET sometimes keeps me going. When I retired, I couldn't paint, or play piano, or write meaningful poetry, or read the Bible through yearly, or truly understand "big picture" economic or political issues, or relax enough to see the beauty in the stress of relationships, or turn loose of (and forgive myself for my part in) the stress generated through daily living - YET.

I still can't paint or write or forgive myself or understand those "big issues" like I really want to - YET. But I HAVE learned to add "yet" instead of a period when evaluating my life and accomplishments.

So, advice from this old lady to my young friends: Quit putting periods at the end of your self-evaluating statements/thoughts. When you come to the end of the statement, add "yet" and keep trying.”

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