Wednesday, July 03, 2019

You don’t have to fund a bad college education

Imagine a country with free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly without being attacked--unknown through out most of history, and now close to being lost if we can judge from the 25 or so Democrat candidates and Colin Kaepernick's latest antics to stop patriotism by a major corporation. I know you'll be shocked to learn this, but there is a class at a public university where a conservative Christian is on the faculty. Dr. Duke Pesta, University of Wisconsin.

  • Why are you funding 1) radical ideas at your kids' college, and 2) their debt? Sure, they may return to normal by 25 or 30, but why put up with it?

  • Your tuition and fees for your kids have turned the universities into ideological cesspools (paraphrase). Why should the rest of us bail out the bad decisions of university administrations?

  • Literature is not read for its own value, but students are required to read Shakespeare or the Bible or 19th century literature through the lens of radical feminism or "queer eye." How can you avoid these radical reeducation camps we call "college," or "higher education?" Maybe a year or two working first? Get a little maturity first? He suggests 20 as the starting age--have some money in the bank and some education from the job. Skin in the game.

  • Universities are the church of progressivism, a bubble of Marxism, and professors are the preachers. These evangelists for Marxism have never worked in the real world, in many cases. How much more history do we need to know Marxism is a failure? Academe is a good example of the failure of Marxism/Socialism.

  • Hypocrites graduating with mounds of debt; grad students acting as slaves for the tenured faculty. Universities are class based and hierarchical. Even in business schools social justice theory trumps capitalism. Speaker believes college students are graduating in 2019 with the knowledge a high school student may have known in 1970. (I think that's a stretch--more like 1940). 

  • He’s really hard on "Common Core" as prep for college because it dumbs everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Sexual indoctrination into transgenderism for very young children. What worked for the Left in college is now transferred to elementary age as young as six. Even in liberal radical Madison, WI, it's too much.

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