Monday, July 01, 2019

Democrat debate debacle

"I am on page 520 of the Gorbachev biography, and learning how he tried to change the Soviet Union by undoing the exact policies that I heard espoused last night by the debaters. When Gorbachev was leader, the Soviet Union was collapsing in very similar ways to today’s Venezuela, all because of anti-business, anti-profit motive, central run, heavily regulating government. There was nothing in shops, farm products were rotting in the fields, and people were poor and starving. All as a result of the same policies Warren and the others were saying they would put into effect." From Ross Rant, June 27, Citadel Realty, newsletter.

Friends, relatives and casual readers:  Don't say you weren't warned both by history and by people who have been there. "Free stuff" is not a policy, it's a recipe for disaster. You may not like Trump, but do you love socialism?

“Much like Wednesday night’s debacle of Democrat discourse, the candidates screamed for socialism over a strong economy. They assailed the evil 1 percent. They assured the American people, 71 percent of whom feel we have a pretty good thing going, that they were wrong. Like a bad therapist telling a patient, “You’re only happy because you think you're happy.” Fortune cookies dispense greater wisdom.”  Townhall,

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