Saturday, July 20, 2019

Recalling the old fans for hot Hoover nights

On Facebook, Dee Grindley recalled how we got those old fans which have been brought out this week because of the heat. We and our guests took some from our shelves for the Elvia show, plus the ushers were passing some out provided by a local hospice.

“I ordered the first fans from J W Cleary Co., Cols., Oh. (Mike Cleary now has 3 cottages in Lakeside) to raise money for the ’Friends Network” for the infrastruction repairs to Hotel Lakeside. We sold them in the beginning for 50 cents ea. Ordered a better quality (one with picture of Hotel) and sold for $1.00 each. Ted led the ”sales force” at the entrance of Hoover. He held the sales record selling more than 500 on a steamy hot Sat. Night when the OSU Band was appearing. After we ceased our fund raising effort, the Association ordered fans in bulk to use . The late Dorothy Knight helped me immensely with this project. It was fun and productive. Each dime earned was sorely needed to help restore the Hotel. Dee Grindley/”

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