Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Why Andrea walked away from the Democrats

Andrea voted for Obama twice, but didn't like Trump and didn't vote in 2016:

“Meanwhile, I watched the left ... just ... lose it.

I saw a party that once believed in restrictions on abortion go full-on-pro-baby-killing.

A party that used to believe in protecting women's opportunities now forcing women's sports teams to allow men to compete as trans.

A party that used to believe in securing our borders now encouraging people to break the law and bum rush our gates and attack ICE agents.

I saw identitarian social justice warriors emerge as the authoritarian thought police and start terrorizing anyone who challenged them.
I saw people that I used to admire advocate for the kind of political censorship and violence against dissenters that typifies a fascist dictatorship, all the while calling ME a fascist for defending the first amendment!!!

That's when I realized what hateful people the Democrats were becoming. I also began to see what their tax-and-spend policies were really doing to the country, their plan to turn us into a socialist economy, their constant race-baiting, their conspiracy theories, their kowtowing to Islamists, their trying to buy votes and destroy the electoral college ... not to mention the LIES told by the media about the president and conservatives in general... and I decided NO MORE!!!

If this is what liberalism is now, I want no part of it!!! "
from #Walkaway

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