Monday, June 12, 2023

And I thought my math was bad! The FBI.

What's behind the domestic terrorist numbers increase? Biden loves to lie about it.  Where does that come from?  It's FBI "marketing" strategy. The FBI Whistleblowers have reported that in the past when they were told of suspicious activity of a group of 5 or even 20, that was one incident. Now, they are told to open 5 (or 20) full separate investigations. When the pro-abortionists were protesting and making threats at the homes of SCOTUS, a clearly illegal activity, they were told to open cases on the pro-life people as "terrorists" rather than the pro-aborts who were protesting the decision, which is patently absurd. Promotions and salary increases are dependent on the number of cases each office investigates.

Also, it's the old "if you build it they will come" strategy.  Throw out enough grant money and they'll come running to spend it on "finding" terrorism.

"In February 2021, DHS released $77 million in grants to state governments to better understand the domestic violent extremist threat, and DHS plans to increase that amount this year to approximately $128.5 million. Congress is also requiring the National Institute of Justice to perform a “feasibility study” into the potential to create an independent clearinghouse of online extremist content that would fund independent sleuths who could provide tips when they observe potentially criminal behavior. The clearinghouse – originally recommended as part of the Anti-Defamation League’s PROTECT Plan – is far from operational, but to have Congress mandate a feasibility study is an excellent first step." 

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